Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Tungsten Carbide

Miltec Indexable Carbide Milling systems, in freedom cutter, heavy duty, and high velocity cutter types.We at Mil-Tec were the first to introduce the MicroGrain carbide to the round tool industry. Our technology is designed to maximize what you are capable of milling without requiring the replacement of the cutter body, instead you have the option to replace the insert and we have a variety of classifications specific to whatever your needs may be each coming in a package of ten. Mil-Tec Inserts were introduced to the indexable industry as a better means for precision milling, utilized in instances of face milling, shell milling, and end milling. Our inserts are also used for roughing, finishing and metalworking, up to the toughest degree and material. We are partnered with high quality tungsten power and cemented-carbide mineral suppliers, which enables us to guarantee that each of our customers receive only the best tools to suit their very specific needs. Mil-Tec uses only the best technology available from around the world, which combines into our product line, and offers the ultimate milling application productivity. Each of our inserts are precision ground and fitting for use on a multitude range of materials and machine tools. We offer three different classifications of inserts each ideal for different milling needs. They each have specifications that make them ideal for varying milling uses but you can expect the best technology and quality inserts. 


Freedom Cutter Insert

Carbide Insert Freedom Cutter from MilTec Indexable Carbide Milling Systems

Miltec freedom cutter inserts for indexable carbide milling systems

Our Freedom Cutter Inserts are designed for precision grinding, offered in eight indexes and are available in eight different variatians of precision ground geometries depending on the shape one requires and the insert type specific to one's needs. The Mil-Tec Freedom Cutter Inserts allow for precision grinding, and are ideal for their versatility in face milling. The body of the cutter has pockets in which one would place the insert necessary for the specific job, and each of our inserts fit in the cutter. The Freedom Cutter Inserts are available in three different shape variations such as, Octagon, Square, and Round all fitting in the one cutter body. One can choose whether they require the insert to be coated or uncoated depending on one’s specific requirements.

Just as our Freedom cutters are not limited to the standard round cutter body styles that you are used to, we also offer specialty styles of varying geometries, finishes, radius, and carbide classifications on each of our three shape inserts allowing you the optimal insert for the most precision work possible.  Our specialty cutters require eight octagons or round indexes and four of the square insert. 

Each of the Freedom Cutter Inserts have a 5/8'IC and are 3/16' thick.

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High Velocity Cutter Bodies

High Velocity Carbide Inserts ideal for all material groups

Each of Mil-Tec’s High Velocity Cutter Bodies are designed with a positive ground technology and have inserts ideal for face milling, end milling, slot milling, pocket milling, and peripheral milling applications. A perfect choice for the high performance milling of aluminum and non-ferrous alloys, though they are capable for all material groups depending on one’s need. High Velocity Carbide Inserts are intended for their performance and versatility. The HV3HD cutter body in particular has been crafted to the most ideal insert styles allowing them the ability to shear through some of the toughest materials. Designed for their high performance ability they are able to cut through solid carbide with ease better than even an APKT or ADKT style end mills. Our positive ground geometry essentially carries the heat that is produced right off with the chip itself, allowing for a safer more productive work place and in turn is harder on the mill. 

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Heavy Duty Series

The heavy-duty series is specifically designed to be used with a carbide insert for increased capacity and strength, which allows for heavier depth of cuts along with higher, feed rates for maximum stock removal. 

The two options of Heavy Duty shank and shell mill styles are designed to feature a large 1’ IC carbide insert for increased capacity and strength. These inserts are available in three different geometries with the option of being coated or uncoated, as is true with each of the other insert classifications. The Heavy Duty series Insert geometry options are Power Shear (PS) which has higher edge strength than the Super Shear (SS). The Power Shear is engineered for use on steels, stainless, titanium and Inconel, while the Super Shear is ideal for aluminum and other non-ferrous material groups. The Negative/Positive Geometry is a tough design with a wide range of applications. Unlike many of the other inserts the Heavy Duty ones come in one shape built for maximum strength. 

Each of the geometries is precision ground and feature Tool Alliance’s technology for superior cutting edge properties and increased chip lubricity. 

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